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Vic is an accomplished graduate of the highly regarded xBrat Apprenticeship Program, where he received personal training from the renowned trading expert, Paul Bratby. With an impressive track record of 6 years of trading success, Vic has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the xBrat team. His areas of specialization include the use of Automated Strategy Builders in futures and options trading, which he has used to great effect in his own trading ventures. His outstanding 81% win rate serves as a true testimony to his exceptional ability to adhere to the rules that Paul sets out when trading with the xBrat Software.

As a key member of the xBrat Team, Vic will take on several crucial roles. Firstly, he will play a vital mentoring role for current users of the xBrat software, providing guidance and support to maximize their trading performance. He will also be available to answer questions and provide assistance to potential new users of the xBrat trading software.

In his capacity as a mentor, Vic will conduct live trading sessions, demonstrating how to use the xBrat Automated Strategy Builders to their fullest potential. This will enable traders to learn how to optimize their trades, improve their entry and exit points, and ultimately achieve better trading results. Vic’s user-friendly and approachable style will make the learning process accessible and enjoyable, and his vast experience will ensure that traders can benefit from a wealth of knowledge and insight.

Finally, Vic will take on the responsibility of providing guidance for traders investing in stocks and options markets via the xBrat Stocks Predator software. He will provide insider tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the software, as well as offer ongoing support to ensure that traders are equipped to make savvy and informed investment decisions. Overall, Vic’s contributions will be instrumental in helping traders maximize their potential and achieve success in the complex world of trading.

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Lou is an accomplished trader who has honed his craft through his participation in the esteemed xBrat Apprenticeship program and received rigorous training under the guidance of Paul Bratby. His specialty lies in navigating the fast-paced and constantly evolving landscape of Nasdaq futures trading, where he has emerged as a formidable force over the past four years.

To share his expertise and knowledge with others, Lou will now spearhead the Nasdaq Nutters day trading Team. A comprehensive channel, it will incorporate a range of cutting-edge xBrat trading software, enabling Lou and his fellow traders to seamlessly identify and capitalize on a diverse array of trading opportunities across different market conditions.

Under his guidance, Nasdaq Nutters will run live trading sessions, providing participants with the opportunity to learn from Lou’s experiences in real-time. Additionally, the channel will offer support sessions and mentorship aimed at empowering traders with the necessary tools and techniques to become successful nasdaq futures traders. Lou’s experience and expertise positions him as the perfect candidate to lead the Nasdaq Nutters Team, and his commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise will undoubtedly prove invaluable to traders looking to hone their skills and achieve success in this challenging and rewarding market.

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Frank is a shining example of the xBrat Apprenticeship program’s success, having been personally trained by the illustrious Paul Bratby himself. With a focus on trading Copper futures, Frank has proven himself to be a natural in the art of trading, despite being a complete beginner at the start of the program back in 2023. Thanks to Paul’s invaluable insights and guidance, he quickly amassed a wealth of knowledge that has enabled him to understand and follow the rules of trading with ease.

Since completing the apprenticeship, Frank has been achieving consistently impressive results in his live trading activities. In his very first week post-graduation, he managed to earn an impressive profit of 3000 Euro’s, thanks to his exceptional trading expertise. From there, he has gone from strength to strength, continuing to demonstrate his skill and unwavering dedication to his craft.

One of Frank’s other notable accomplishments is his role in running the highly successful Copper Club, alongside Paul himself. This club serves as an exclusive community of traders who share a passion for the Copper market and who work closely together to achieve their goals. Frank is also the mastermind behind the German Speaking Channel, which has become an invaluable resource for traders seeking insights into the dynamic world of Day Trading.

All in all, Frank is a true asset to the xBrat community, having truly embraced the program’s teachings and gone on to achieve phenomenal success in the field of trading. His unwavering passion and commitment to his craft continue to inspire and motivate traders everywhere, making him a true role model and testament to the power of the xBrat Apprenticeship program.

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Paul leads a team of skilled traders known as Funded Trader Rockstars. Under his guidance, the team utilizes the xBrat Slingshot trading strategy, which has proven to be a highly effective method for day trading and scalping futures across a multitude of instruments. Having successfully traded several evaluation accounts and funded accounts, they possess a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of trading.

One of the key factors that sets the Funded Trader Rockstars apart from other trading teams is their strict adherence to rules. Paul has carefully selected only those traders who have demonstrated a consistent ability to follow the rules and generate profits. This level of discipline and focus allows them to mitigate risk and maximize profits, even in the most challenging market conditions.


The Funded Trader Rockstars are a highly analytical and data-driven team. They monitor market trends, study historical data, and utilize the xBrat cutting-edge analytical tools and technologies to gain an edge in the market. This data-driven approach, coupled with their extensive experience and expertise, has enabled them to consistently outperform the market and deliver exceptional results.

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