XBrat Teams

In the world of financial market trading, it can be overwhelming to navigate the ever-changing landscape and find success. That’s why we are proud to offer the xBrat Teams, led by our esteemed founder, Paul Bratby.

Introducing xBrat Teams

Through his years of experience and training, Paul has hand-selected a group of traders from his Apprenticeship program who have proven to be the cream of the crop. These traders have consistently followed the rules, demonstrated profitable trading strategies, and have been personally mentored by Paul.

The xBrat Teams offer a unique opportunity for traders of all levels to access this elite group of traders and learn from their expertise. With numerous teams available, each offering mentoring, live chat, and live trading room sessions, subscribers are given the opportunity to learn from the pros while also connecting with a supportive community of like-minded traders.

And, Paul Bratby himself often drops in to say hello and offer his support and guidance to his team of expert traders and their followers. Paul will also conduct ” Pop Up Live Trading Sessions”

By becoming an annual member of the xBrat Community, traders not only gain access to all of the open teams and their resources but are also able to cultivate their own skills and improve their trading strategies. Joining the xBrat Teams is a valuable investment in oneself and one’s future success in financial market trading. And it’s only $300 per year!

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